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Another sleep freeze problem

Ever since I installed Time Out on my PowerMac G4 (desktop), my computer has not been able to wake from sleep. I hit space, power, sdlfjghsdlfghkj, and it won't wake up. I have to hold the power button down until it shuts off.

I've tried quitting Time Out before I sleep, but no avail. And I'm fairly certain that the problem came from my installation of Time Out -- no other new changes to my machine.

Any ideas?

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Re: Another sleep freeze problem

That's no good! However, I doubt very much that Time Out is the cause. It doesn't do anything that could have that result. I'd guess it was something else installed at the same time.

Quitting Time Out before sleeping is further evidence that it isn't the cause. But you can further prove it by completely disabling Time Out, restarting, then trying sleeping and waking.

  1. Switch to Time Out and display the Preferences.
  2. Choose the General page.
  3. Uncheck the "Automatically start when you log in to the computer" option.
  4. Quit Time Out.
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Confirm that Time Out isn't running.
  7. Sleep then attempt to wake.

If the problem still occurs, it can't be Time Out. If it goes away, try running Time Out again and see if the problem recurs. If it does, let me know!

I hope this helps, and best of luck tracing the cause.