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Per-test "Ignore Meta Refresh" option

A solution is another hidden preference:
defaults write com.dejal.simon WebIgnoreMetaRefresh YES
This will avoid following the meta refresh header, and will work. The downside is that this is global, so will affect all tests. But that may not matter for you.

The previous forum topic regarding this was locked, so I had to create a new one.

Unfortunately I can't use this global fix for my issue, because I do need to support Meta Refresh on other tests. So this is a request to have a per-test option, something like "Follow Refresh".

I recall that my old fave before I found Simon, WhistleBlower, had this option, but I never needed it back then.


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Re: Per-test "Ignore Meta Refresh" option

I've made a note of this enhancement idea. It should be feasible and fairly easy.

In the meantime, you could work around it by creating a new Script-based service to use the curl command; see man curl for options.